Extended Reality Learning: Explore, Experience, Collaborate 
An Innovative Learning Platform for More Engaging and Effective Results!
Adaptive XR Learning Platform:Different Objectives, Modules and Subjects 
Layer 2

Enhance collaboration skills

Build an online identity and create VR contents together

Layer 3

Enhance spatial cognitions

Explore 3-Dimensional Spatial Cognition in virtual world

Layer 4

XR Experimental learnine

Learn in virtual world instead, save time and costs

Layer 1

Contextualise the real world

Practise and acquire the knowledges and skills from virtual world

Layer 5

Enhance learning incentives

Immersive learning leads to an drastic increase in concentration level


 Adaptive XR Learning Platform

Different Objectives
Different Modules
Different Subjects

Build VR Scene

Generate Digital Actors

Boundaryless Programming

Multi-user Collaboration

Support Different Formats

Immersive 360 Videos

High Compatibility for Students
in Any Academic Levels

Infinite Addition of Various
Interactive Elements and Buttons

Mastering with Ease in Just 1 Hour

Effortlessly Connecting Any
Panoramic Audiovisual Content

For Demo Sessions or Consultations

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