Extended Reality

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What's XR Extended Reality

Extended Reality is a collective term encapsulating Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality, which is to blend virtual and physical worlds thoroughly and engage users with a simulated experience. These technologies differ in levels of processing, data collection, storage and skills.

What's VR
Virtual Reality

VR is a technology that focuses on a three-dimensional, computer-generated simulated environment that immerses users into the surroundings with images, sounds or other sensations, perceived through a Virtual Reality headset.

What's AR Augmented Reality

AR is a technology that superimposes CG graphics and other digital elements to respond in real life to changes in the user's environment, using cameras or smartphones even with AR glasses.

What's MR
Mixed Reality

MR is a technology that creates a hybrid of augmented reality and virtual reality that allows real-world and digital objects to interact. MR overlays images and videos over a screen showing reality through mobile cameras, smart glasses or headsets.
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