XR Academy – XRA

The first ever extended reality education and training platform in Hong Kong has now designed over 10 industries, such as forensic experts, first responders, journalists, etc. This allows students to learn about different industries through immersive learning.

XR Academy - XRA

Aims to provide immersive teaching content for primary and secondary school students through virtual reality in subjects such as history, mathematics, etc., encouraging diversified learning. We also offer a series of positive education, career planning content, and soft skills training to help students better understand their interests and career planning, broaden their horizons, and expand their thinking.

Types of Education and Trainings


Interdisciplinary Learning

Career and Life Planning

Positive Education

Soft Skills

Why students need XRA ?

Enhanced Motivation on Learning

Through immersive teaching, interactive elements and innovative experiences are added. Being surrounded by virtual reality scenes allows students to immerse themselves in the environment and better absorb educational content.

Self-awareness and early future planning

Through different career modules and immersive experiences, students can understand the job descriptions of different industries and gain early exposure to different careers, which is equivalent to an internship.

Enhancing soft skills

During the training, students can use VR training to practice speech speed, content, and eye contact, learn how to give speeches in public, and develop good communication skills.

Explore, and broaden their horizon

Providing students with real-life experiences in different professions to help them understand how various industries operate and develop more possibilities.

How to Adopt XR Training

Four steps to execute your training program.


Identify Your Training Needs


Consultation Session


Proposal for Your XR Training


XR Training Deployment

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