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XR Safety Training Platform (CTP) on Safety Forum 2023 (Sep 28)

VTM Digital Limited just attended the Safety Forum on Sept 28 held by OSHC, Housing Authority and CIC, and Our CEO, Mr. Terry Dao presented the ideas behind XR Safety Training on Construction Sites and Property Management.

The speakers shared incredible insights on smart site safety, leaving us inspired and motivated. Together, we’re raising awareness on site safety and introducing innovative solutions of using the pioneering XR Safety Training.

Construction Safety is a topic of paramount importance that demands continuous attention. With the aim of safeguarding construction workers from accidents and fatalities, many developers are tirelessly working towards innovative solutions.

VTM take pride in being pioneers of XR Safety Training in Hong Kong. Our revolutionary Construction Training Platform (CTP) has successfully replaced traditional general induction training methods, elevating the awareness of construction safety among workers.

The impact has been remarkable, as evidenced by the overwhelming response and positive feedback from visitors who have experienced CTP firsthand.

Together, let’s continue to prioritize construction safety and embrace the power of technology for a safer and brighter future.


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