Property Management Training Platform (PMTP)

Allow our clients to familiarise with operating procedures
evising and strengthening technical knowledge.

The objective of PMTP is to allow our clients to familiarise with the standard operating procedures. It also serves users in revising and strengthening technical knowledge in relation to building maintenance, repair safety in a simulated realistic surroundings.

Why PMTP ?

Cost Reduction

Long-term cost benefits by eliminating future training fees and minimising downtime.

High Level of Accessibility

Allow remote training and eliminate spatial constraints.

Upscale Training Effectiveness

Replace traditional training to better training quality consistency.

Maintain Excellence

Constant and standardized trainings allow users to live up to their working standard.

Modules Walkthrough

Training in another dimension.

How to Adopt XR Training

Four steps to execute your training program.


Identify Your Training Needs


Consultation Session


Proposal for Your XR Training


XR Training Deployment

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