Construction Training Platform (CTP)

First VR construction training platform in Hong Kong with
more than 20 modules available on the platform.

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Why CTP ?

It aims at developing a series of training interventions utilising XR technology to support, enhance and maximise the working environment safety and risks related knowledge and concepts within the construction industry, as well as fostering education of construction related workers.
Simultaneous Delivery 

Provide training simultaneously across multiple sites with high flexibility.

Standardization Procedures

Provide standardized training courses to maintain the learning quality.

Safety Enhancement

Train for high-risk processes and procedures in a safe environment.

Workplace Awareness Enhancement

Provide users with realistic experience in risky activities to enhance workplace awareness.

Modules Walkthrough

Training in another dimension.

40+ VR/MR Modules

60+ Worksites Using

10000+ Workers Trained

How to Adopt XR Training

Four steps to execute your training program.


Identify Your Training Needs


Consultation Session


Proposal for Your XR Training


XR Training Deployment

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Contact Info

Unit 1606, 16/F, Stelux House,

698 Prince Edward Road East,

San Po Kong, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Tel: +852 3590 3127
Fax: +852 3590 6097

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VR Safety Training is one of the 10 categories in Smart Site Safety System (4S) Scheme. Our Construction Training Platform (CTP) provides XR safety training with bunch of datas for analyzing.